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People whose residences fall under the control of a homeowners’ association (HOA) understand the significant influence those groups have over their property and neighborhood. However, California law grants numerous specific rights to homeowners. At Law Offices of Joel F. Tamraz in Los Angeles, I advise both plaintiffs and defendants in legal disputes arising from HOA standards and governance. My firm provides strong advocacy to help my clients obtain prompt, effective resolutions no matter how complex or bitter the conflict might be. With 50 years of legal experience, I understand how emotions are often heightened when neighbors have serious disagreements over their most valuable possessions. By offering knowledgeable advice and a firm commitment to protecting my clients’ interests, my firm can maximize your chances for a favorable outcome.

Comprehensive legal support for all types of HOA disputes

If you have a question about the legal aspects of a homeowners’ association conflict, I can assess your situation in a free initial consultation. My firm assists boards of directors, association representatives and homeowners on matters including:

  • Allegations of board overreach — Homeowners’ association directors play a key role in community governance, but their powers are not unlimited. When directors overstep their bounds, skilled advocacy is required to bring them in line with state law and the HOA’s own regulations.
  • Alleged failure to follow covenants —Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) serve as the guiding documents for design, maintenance and other community standards. If you are considering purchasing a home that would be subject to HOA rules, I will give you detailed advice on what you can expect. Once you live in the community, if you believe a violation exists or you have been accused of breaking a rule, my firm will analyze the specific language and can press for an appropriate result.
  • Conflicts over potentially unconscionable rules — Sometimes, covenants and other HOA rules are not permissible, even if they have support within the group of homeowners. If a specific term might violate the law or exceed proper HOA jurisdiction, I can assess it for you and advocate on your behalf.

No matter what the specific nature of your legal issue entails, I will work tirelessly so that you can enjoy the benefits that home ownership entitles you to.

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Law Offices of Joel F. Tamraz advises Southern California clients on legal matters relating to homeowners’ associations, real estate and other types of civil litigation. To learn how I can help you, please call 310-499-2319 or contact me online for a free initial consultation at my Los Angeles office.

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